Just who the heck do we think we are?

A brief history of The Co-Conspirators

The Co-Conspirators is a Hemmingford, QC based duo playing folk/singer-songwriter music with elements of country, rock, blues, gospel, bluegrass, spiritual, and general roots music. With heavy emphasis on vocal harmonies, this duo had been compared to The Weavers, Ian and Sylvia Tyson and Richard and Linda Thompson. They perform mostly original music along with some traditional and contemporary covers. 

Founded in 2012 by singer/songwriter/guitarist Will Richards, The Co-Conspirators really came into being when Richards met Katherine Simons and they began performing together. Simons comes from a very musical family and is a classically trained french horn player and percussionist. Her pure, angelic voice stands in contrast to the more raw style of Richards'. 

Mostly performing as a duo, they do occasionally add various instruments available to them such as bass, drums, percussion, flute, clarinet, lead guitar, violin, cello, harmonica, banjo, auto harp, and vibraphone. 

Described as modern day troubadours, The Co-Conspirators have performed at hundreds of house concerts, folk societies, festivals, seniors and community centres, bars, and restaurants.

The Co-Conspirators have released 3 albums to date, "Shadowing the Organ Tuner" (with full band), "The Unreliable Narrators" (a duo album of originals), and their 3rd album, "Half a Tank of Gas and a Full Case of Beer" (a Fred Eaglesmith Tribute), was release in July 2023.

"War Is A Racket and Other Irrefutable Truths" is in the works and is proving to be The Co-Conspirators most exciting and challenging project to date.

They continue to tour as much as possible.