From the recording The Unreliable Narrators

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When I saw you sitting there, in the barroom light
Looking like the kind of girl, who’d talk to me tonight

You can tell me anything, just don’t tell me lies
Listen to you all night long, won’t you talk to me tonight

I could be a friend to you, I could bring some light
I can make you smile sometimes, and hold your hand tonight

We can walk on down the street, we can see the sights
Be safe and never drift apart, can I hold your hand tonight?

All the things you ever wanted, everything in sight
I could get them all for you, you know some day I might
We’ll be sitting pretty high and mighty in sunlight
All of this and plenty more if you take me home tonight

Don’t you mind what you have heard, don’t listen to no slights 
I’ll be who I really am, if I can walk you home tonight

I can promise you one thing, keep this in your mind
I will be so true to you, if I can walk you home tonight

Now that I am lying here, I’ll try with all my might
Make your world a better place, you took me home tonight
You took me home tonight, you took me home tonight