From the recording The Unreliable Narrators

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Keeping to myself these days, not by choice it just works that way
Everything you know is falling down
Looking hard for signs of life, seen then once, well maybe twice
These days they’re nowhere to be found 

Came down to the station, how did I know?
Today’s the day you were gonna up and go
Kissed me on the forehead, looked me in the eye
Was easy for you to say goodbye

Keeping track of passing time, waiting here for this friend of mine
Promised they’d be here any day
Still can’t say what I’m hoping for, maybe just a little more
Little more of your time
Spend it with mine

All this trouble, what’s if for? Keeping up and keeping score
Every time I think of you, I cry
Come and see me any day, we’ll walk around and back again
Maybe this time, there’s no goodbye