1. 05 The Promise

From the recording The Unreliable Narrators

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I saw you down in the fields last night, talking to your sorrow
It whispered softly in your ear, “I will lead, you must follow.
Follow me into the dark, follow me in silence.
Put your hands up to your eyes, we’re going into hiding.”

So sorrow took you by the hand, leading into nothing
You turned your head, you caught my eye, our thoughts almost touching
Thoughts that once had set ablaze, your life, your heart, your passions
Burned out now and in the grave, like life had never happen

Won’t you come and help me live my life today
It’s cold outside and I want you to stay

With sunlight burning in my eyes and you upon my mind
I took the path that you had trod, slowly, ill-defined
To find the place where you lay down, giving up on hope
See if I could raise the dead and sing with them once more

I searched around I found you here, with sorrow standing over
Asked if I could see my friend, a friend like no other
Sorrow whispered in my ear, “too late, he’s mine forever.
Leave us now, be on your way, you can never be his shelter.”

Here I am to help you live your life today
It’s cold in here and no-one wants to stay

I sit beside your door tonight, wait for you to waken
Sometime I hear a shuffling noise, but maybe I’m mistaken
I will sit and I will wait, until your door is open
Nothing left for me to do, but wait for you unbroken

Here I am to help you live your life today
I promise you, I will stay