From the recording The Unreliable Narrators

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Look into the future, as far as I can see
I’m still at the wheel, you’re still sitting next to me
The wipers on our windshield, ain’t budged an inch in days
We’re still pushing on along the way

There’s snow on the roadside, there’s sunlight on my skin
There’s thoughts messin’ my head, ‘bout the trouble we’ve been in
The grain elevators look like cities on the moon
We still got no plans to head home soon

You might fuss and trouble, and sometimes have bad dreams
It’s never as bad as it seems
I might drink too much, and stay out late at night
But in the end, it’s gonna be alright

This road goes on forever, just like you and me
If I were half as smart as I think I am, it’s something I could see
Sometimes the road we’re drivin’, can shake us to our bones 
Somehow, we’ll make this road our home

You might sit in sorrow, and sometimes shed a tear
Know this, I’ll always be near
I never see the sun-up, but you help me see the light
And in the end, it’s gonna be alright
And in the end, it’s gonna be alright