1. 09 Young Billy

From the recording The Unreliable Narrators

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Where you been hiding out Billy, son?
Rain’s coming hard and 
I ain’t the one you should hide from

All of those things you thought that were done
I know the truth but don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.

Young Billy looks up wondering who the hell you are

Remember those sounds late in the night
Closing the door, and killing all of the light

You pull out your eyes not to see such a sight
The end of it all it’s burned into your mind

Young Billy decides he’s had enough for one day

The ghost of a monster is still just a ghost
It’ll haunt you forever if you let it do so.
If you live in the dark, it won’t let you be
but I’ll stand here with you, my friend Billy

Young Billy is thinking you’re not really on his side

The monsters are real, you’ve seen every one
I’ve seen them too and I know what needs to be done

You unbow your head, you look up to the sun,
Up off your knees, you’ve been on them far too long

Young Billy decides you should shut up and be on your way