From the recording The Unreliable Narrators

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I’ll keep your door open
Posters on your wall
Pictures of friends and horse
Souvenirs, momentos, awards

It’ll be as you left it
When you come say hello
Don’t worry if it’s late and we’re sleeping
I will know

You shone so bright in your life
You took away all the dark
If you’re out there tonight feeling sad and alone
Love will find you wherever you are

Forgive me my little pride
Thinking that you were mine
In a world full of dark and shadow
You, you chose to shine

You can bet everything you have
We’ll be thinking of you
Sometimes with a smile, sometimes a tear
But always


The saddest thing that I will hear
Is the silence where your voice should be
And one thing that I know I fear
no more you, here with me